Let's Heal with T Shanell

Are we right for you?

The Academy

Would you like to learn the techniques and develop the skills to:

Tune in and read other people’s energy on an intuitive, psychic level?

Open spiritual channels that bring information and healing energy to you from higher realms?

Turn negative energy into positive energy for better health and success?

Release mental and emotional blocks and expand your consciousness for greater spiritual expression?

Develop confidence in your spiritual abilities and become a beacon of light for others?

Set yourself on your life path as an Alternative, Complementary and Intuitive Healer?

Better know yourself and your true spiritual nature, and to answer the age-old questions, “Who am I, What am I, What is my purpose here”?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we offer four introductory courses for you to begin your journey based upon your ultimate goal. Consider the following reasons students attend:

To develop & refine intuitive and channeling skills and discover higher planes of consciousness

To explore options for a Metaphysical or Therapist degree.

Freedom from the stress of ordinary life to rejuvenate their spirit through time-tested and evolving spiritual training and healing processes.

In need of Spiritual Healing due to a personal crisis or life-changing event.

Self-enlightenment, Self-healing and Self-realization Want something more in life, no longer satisfied with the ordinary.

To become a healer and to help others.

Seeking to Know Oneself.

Searching for a Greater Purpose.

You are invited to discover all that we have to offer and select a path that fits your needs, your dreams and aspirations, and your budget.  Advisors are ready now to assist you.